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ScubaTribe pricing

€0 | month


Customizable ScubaTribe Profile:
Unlimited Open Reviews:
Review score baddges for your website :
Google Stars in search results:
SEO return links:

€11 | month

plus €8/month for each extra location

Your reviews on padi.travel and our other partner sites:
All Free package features:
Unlimited "verified review" requests:
Broadcast new reviews on social media:
Customizable review questions:
Customer feedback surveys:
API access to integrate with your website/booking system:

€18 | month

plus €14/month for each extra location

All features of basic & free plus:
ScubaTribe point of sales app:
Unlimited account users:
Request emails fully brandable:
Send requests from your email address:
All prices subject to VAT for companies located in the EU

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